NineTwelve Convergence: a critical partner in lowering development costs, controlling risk and solving the challenges of DevOps. We bridge the gap between development and market deployment, so that industry investments convert rapidly into commercialized products.

Revolutionizing the speed at which products get to market, this center is the first in the Nation to offer full-suite development and testing, 5G rapid development for faster, low-cost 5G applications with the potential to transform businesses in one of the most vibrant, innovation-rich communities in the world.

NineTwelve Convergence is about bringing together technologies, industry, and academic partners in a creative environment that supports prototyping and experimentation, resulting in fast-to-market products and services that will transform the U.S. economy.


5G is about the transformation of physical industries. This presents enormous opportunity but is challenging for engineers. Building on our downtown Indianapolis 5G testbed, with successful projects such as encrypted video, we are expanding our reach into unlicensed spectrum and private networking. Prepare to join the next round of innovation projects and challenges!

NineTwelve Convergence solves the challenges of DevOps, being a critical part of rapidly deploying new technologies to market and at the quality levels required. Companies need DevOps, a place to go where they do not have to build the entire system from scratch themselves. By becoming a member of NineTwelve Convergence companies can focus on their products, how they are integrated into the 5G system, and deliver the value promised of their new technology. This center will give companies access to test their capabilities in a “living” environment, or an environment that is not controlled: which is a requirement for product commercialization.

With unprecedented access to commercial, academic, and government partners NineTwelve Convergence adds access to talent, workforce development, and engagement with state and federal consortia leading 5G efforts.


Partner with NineTwelve Convergence and let us help you solve the challenges of product development and rapidly accelerate your development to market timeline!

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